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La Vall d’Uixó is located in the province of Castellón in the region of La Plana Baixa, halfway between the airports of Valencia and Castellón, and 10 minutes from the coast and the entrance of the Serra d’Espada Natural Park. The main tourist attraction of La Vall d’Uixó is without doubt Les Coves de Sant Josep, the longest navigable underground river in Europe.

In the Belcaire river valley, especially near Les Coves de Sant Josep, there are vestiges of human presence since the paleolithic, when groups of hunters-collectors did the caves of the spot their home. Iberians and Romans were established in the municipality but we have to wait for the Andalusian age to the start forming the urban area that we know now. In the shade of the Uixó Castle, which gives its name to the town, a group of farmhouses was distributed along the drainage that brought the water of Les Coves de Sant Josep, and which surely the Romans traced. From the conquest of Jaume I, the population was consolidated, which has had a market every Friday since 1310 because royal privilage, becoming dependent since the XV century on the Duke of Segorbe in the figure of the infant Enrique, nephew of Alfonso the Magnonimous, who had a palace in the current place of the Angel. Since the XVII century these farmhouses were unified into two urban centers, around the two historic parish churches, which mark the idiosyncrasy of the town: El LLoc de Dalt (Upton) and El Lloc de Baix (Downton), the Angel parish church and the Assumption parish church respectively. With the end of the Carlist wars, already in the XIX, La Vall d'Uixó undergoes an industrialization process around the footwear, culminating with the installation of the Segarra factory.

All this history makes the town an important services center, rich in culture, diverse and hospitable.


Coves de Sant Josep

Les Coves de Sant Josep is the longest navigable underground river in Europe. A unique natural jewel that allows you to enter the entrails of the Serra d'Espadà through a path traced by water for millennia. In addition to a privileged underground landscape, Les Coves de Sant Josep and its surroundings are a very important cultural enclave, with paintings and prehistoric engravings at the entrance of the cave, unique throughout the region and declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, or the village Ibérico de Sant Josep, next to the baroque hermitage of the Sagrada Familia. Nature, culture, heritage... An essential visit, diverse, inclusive and accessible for the whole family.


Water Trail

We propose to visit the town center following the layout of the old mother ditch, which leaves from Coves de Sant Josep. Only to enumerate the patrimonial assemblies that we find: Set of aqueducts of Aigualit, of Roman origin, with medieval mills. Neighborhoods of Muslim origin such as Alcudia or Zeneta; Benizahat Moslem tower; Angel Church, with frescos of the XVIII century work of Jose Vergara; Asuncion Church with an imposing neoclassical architecture, where the bell tower stands out, symbol of the town; Manor houses such as the Palau de Vivel or the house of the Count of Ripalda... In addition to an important industrial heritage. All this is worth a visit.


Family tourism, leisure and entertainment

We offer our visitors an interesting offer for the whole family: in the place Coves de Sant Josep there is an extensive program oriented to children, with demonstrations about prehistory. It also has an intense agenda of musical events for all audiences, including the Singing in the Cave, with concerts of front line musical groups that offer their concerts inside the cave. The Edifici Cultural Leopoldo Peñarroja offers a varied annual program, with performances ranging from opera to concerts of all genres and theater performances. Finally an extensive festive agenda offers a wide range of events for all audiences.


Active tourism and sports

The Vall d'Uixó has an important network of trails, where these two homologated stand out: The PR-V-164, which departs from the Coves de Sant Josep and the PR-V-241. In addition to knowing the nature and landscape values of the municipality, they allow us to approach to an important Andalusian military heritage and to the Civil War, as well as an ethnographic heritage, where dry stone architecture stands out. The sport calendar has events ranging from athletics, mountain or mountain biking, including some regional and state: Open Mountain biking, Duathlon Vall d'Uixó, 10K race, Cross la Vall, mountain races Pujada a Pipa, Cyclist Sant Isidre Trophy.


Feasts, gastronomy and services

From March to October, almost uninterruptedly, our full festive agenda unfolds. Two patron saint festivities, declared of National Tourist Interest, with a wide program of events; Fallas in March, Penyes en Festes in August, an interesting Holy Week and many popular festivals that fill streets and squares. There is no shortage of gastronomic fare based on Mediterranean cuisine, where the empedrao or sweets as manjovenes stands out. The city offers a great offer of catering for all tastes and pockets, as well as the commercial offer, with a market every Friday as well as annual fairs, such as the Fira Agrícola i Comercial de Sant Vicent.

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